an exactly as if she had con▓fessed to an act of deliberate unfaith

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fulness.●What! Every time she lay in my arms▓ she could find no satisfaction save through thi▓s memory In a way, then, I co▓uld not possess her: had never ●done so.I was merely a dummy.▓Even now as I write I cannot help smili▓ng to remember the strangled vo▓ice in which I asked who the man was, and where● he was.(What did I hope to do● Challenge him to a duel) Neverthe●less there he was, standing squarely between

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J●ustine and I; between Justin▓e and the light of the sun.‘But her●e too I was sufficiently det●ached to observe how much love feeds ▓upon jealousy, for as a woman out of my re●ach yet in my arms, she beca●me


ten times more desirable, more necessary.It ●was a heartbreaking predicament for a man who h●ad no intention of falling in love, and for a w●oman who only wished to be delivered of an● obsession and set free to


love.From● this something else followed: ▓if I could break the Check I coul▓d possess her truly, as no man had possesse▓d her.I could step into the place ▓of the shadow and receive her k●isses truly; now they f

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    ell upon a corpse.It ●seemed to me that I understood● everything now.‘This explains the gr▓and tour we took, hand in hand so to speak, i

    ▓n order to overcome this succubus t▓ogether with help of science.Together we vi▓sited the book-lined cell of Czechnia, where ▓the famous mandarin of psychology sat, gloati

    n●g pallidly over his specimens.Bas▓le, Zurich, Baden, Paris — the flickering ●of steel rails over the arterial system●s of Eur

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    ope’s body: steel gangli●a meeting and dividing away acro▓ss mountains and valleys.Con●fronting one’s face in the pimpled mirro●rs of

    the Orient Express.We carried h●er disease backwards and forwards● over Europe like a baby in a cra▓dle until I began to despair, and even t▓o imagine that perhaps Justine?/p>

    ?did not wish to be cured of it.For to the● involuntary check of the psyche she● added another — of the will.Why ●this should b

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of tears, an●d I have never seen he

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of a life she was no longer liv●

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, his eye beady: he was we


aring a grey s


ummer▓ suit.Justine’s expression